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Problem after windows 10 update for "drag and drop file"


I have been using FileZilla for many years to publish / edit files / sites via FTP on servers, normally using the "drag and drop" function to overwrite, upload or download files to my PC.
Yesterday my operating system (windows 10) did an update. Today when I started the usual work on the server via FTP, when I try to save a site or overwrite a file on the server opens a FileZilla pop that says: you can not use the "drag and drop file" option.
or why are not you using an Explorer window !?
Or because the shell is not installed or installed incorrectly. What can I do? I always use Crome as a browser and I can not change?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References:- … hp?t=49091
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