1. Freedom-IP VPN
  1. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data kept by VPN Session:

  • IP Address of connection
  • Start time of session
  • End time of session
  • Data received of session
  • Data sent of session

Data kept by Website's Dashboard connection:

  • Timestamp of connection
  • IP address used

Data kept by order:

  • Email address (needed to authenticate a customer)
  • IP address used while placing order (Fraud prevention)

What Freedom-IP does during your VPN sessions:

  • Does not record the content of communications
  • Do not perform DPI on your traffic, unless necessary for the operation of a user functionality (feature FamilyProtect)

3rd party tools

Freedom-IP use Analytics tools from Google for stats usage only, on its website only. Data kept are removed on J+30 basis. Please check their privacy policy at Google Privacy Policy.

Freedom-IP use Stripe's solution for electronic payment processing only. Please check their privacy policy at Stripe Privacy Policy.

Processing responsible

Here is the responsible for data processing :

21 Routes des gardes
92190 Meudon
Email: support@freedom-ip.com

You can contact our responsible of data processing at support@freedom-ip.com.

If you wish to send us an objection regarding our data processing, or the usage of personal data by Freedom-IP.com, done regarding by EU GPRD, then please send your request to support@freedom-ip.com. However, your request may let us be unable to provide the service anymore.