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Become free

With Freedom-IP, protect your personal data from spying or locking from your internet service provider and stay master of your privacy.

Upgrade your Internet experience

Some providers block or slow down access to sites such as Facebook, Netflix or YouTube. Your VPN will circumvent censorship from states and will allow you to access your content, wherever you are.

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Get a new IP Address

Present in over 40 countries worldwide, Freedom-IP is the solution to change your IP address. You will benefit from a new geolocation and your internet activity will remain completely anonymous and confidential.

Use one service on all your devices

Your VPN offers several access protocols (PPTP and OpenVPN) to ensure your protection regardless of the platform, such as Windows or Mac OS X and mobile and tablets like iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android. You can also use it on your NAS.

one service for all

fast transfer

Speed up the loading of streaming videos

Enough videos that constantly interrupts because of a loading too slow? The Freedom-IP servers are so fast you will not have to wait to access your content.

Benefit from a smart technical support

In case of issues with our VPN services or simply need information, a fast and friendly technical support is there to help you.

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real community

Join a true community

A community forum is at your disposal to exchange and improve the service to suit your needs. Multi-platform tutorials are also available to help you to take your hand quickly with our VPN services.