1. Freedom-IP VPN
  1. Why use a VPN ?

Why use a VPN ?

Travel everywhere

Freedom-IP takes you in almost every places of the world, with OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP

Unmetered bandwidth

Freedom-IP has a policy of unmetered bandwidth. We don't throttle the bandwidth like our competitors.

Safe connection

Your connection to our infrastructure is completely encrypted using AES256, which is the best cipher available. All the whole traffic is encrypted and is going through our secure servers. You are always protected.

True firewall

Your security is the most important thing for us. This is why we settle up an advanced infrastructure having a over-powered firewall. It will protect you from hackers. No additionnal setup is needed, you are protected at the connection to our servers.

The content for all

The governement's censorship or majors censorship is now done. Access any content you may want from anywhere. Even when you are traveling outside from your home country.

We are with gamer

With us, you are benefiting from an exclusive feature which let you have the lowest latency while you are being protected from attacks and hackers. You can play without problems, enjoy your game!

A real privacy

Here at Freedom-IP, we are all advised about data protection, and your data will never be shared with anyone. Our main goal is to give a real privacy, in contrary to our competitors. Your trust is our priority.

Technical support

A community forum is available to exchange. Ask questions to our community, or even to our team.